In the South Bronx during the late 80’s, an abandoned ice skating rink at Mullaly Park found new purpose as a BMX park through Victor Ortiz. Creating what is currently known as Mullaly Bikepark, NYC’s first bike specific park, which lays in the shadow of Yankee Stadium.

Entering the 90’s, the park was kept alive by Lou Perez and Rob Ramos from the UND (Underground Never Dies) BMX crew of the Bronx. Over the years, the duo has been able to build memorable utopias of wooden ramps for the BMX community. When times are rough and there's a shortage of funds to build, UND always found ways to provide for themselves. UND has cemented independence, positivity, and brotherhood as it’s core values. For many BMX locals and regulars from outer boroughs, Mullaly is a second home. A place to be free of negativity and amongst extended family.

Everyone is welcome here. You can stroll in with a skateboard, rollerblades, a scooter or you can simply bring yourself. This is an environment for all that are interested. You'll be treated with respect if you give that vibe back.

If you haven’t fully experienced BMX culture, you wouldn’t expect these qualities to be associated with it. This work aims to shatter the outlaw stereotype placed upon BMX culture and its riders in a celebration of it’s misinterpreted and undervalued positivity. Influencing those on the outside to understand there’s more to BMX than meets the eye.


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